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Joint Projects

Phase 2010~2014 : “For Our Common Future”

China, Japan and Korea jointly developed eight (8) books of “For Our Common Future” series for elementary school students (5th and 6th grades). Eight topics covered ‘We live on the same Earth,’ ‘Reduce wastes for a circular society,’ ‘Focus on our ecological footprint,’ ‘Energy saving and response to climate change,’ ‘Be little green citizen,’ ‘Construct our green campus,’ ‘Environmental wisdom in traditional culture,’ and ‘Our common future.’

  • We live on the same Earth
  • Reduce wastes for a circular society
  • Focus on our ecological footprint
  • Energy saving and response
    to climate change
  • Be little green citizen
  • Construct our green campus
  • Environmental wisdom
    in traditional culture
  • Our common future
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Phase 2000~2002

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